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Sharing your story as a Brain Injury / Stroke survivor and/or individual with disabilities makes a difference. Your community leaders want to hear from you! It is important to share your lived experience and raise specific concerns within your community that matters most to you.


State and Federal programs aimed at addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities and members of the community that have sustained a Brain Injury receive grant money annually. The state and federally appropriated funds help sustain and expand services that are important to the community.


Citizen Advocacy is key to communicating your community needs so that funds can be allotted to programs that provide the most support.


For example, some current issues for Brain Injury Survivors and individuals with disabilities within our state and nationwide are:

- Access to Transportation and Para transportation 

- Access to Affordable Housing

- Equal Employment Opportunities

- Access to Equitable and Affordable Healthcare

Public Disability Accessibility 

Lawmakers can help resolve issues within state and federal programs to cut through bureaucracy and ensure that these state and federal program are accessible and administrators deliver services as defined by their grant. This is called System Advocacy. So, if you live in an underserved area that does not have access to programs available in other parts of the state, it is important to share how these gaps affect your overall quality of life. 

Click Here for the Brain Injury and Disability Advocacy Toolkit

Click here! For the Brain Injury Sample Letter to Lawmakers
Click here! For the Disability Sample Letter to Lawmakers

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