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Dear Friends,


Welcome! I am Victoria Newman, Founder of Valley Disability Support Group. As a Brain Injury Survivor, I experienced gaps in my care that I hoped no one would have to go through. Although treatment for brain injury is a slow and iterative process, I learned that if you access good quality care and a strong support system early on, you raise your chances of having better outcomes. 


About midway through brain rehabilitation therapy, I was diagnosed with Stage I Breast Cancer. Fighting Breast Cancer taught me how to advocate for myself more completely. I had just about given up after all the suffering, trauma and drastic lifestyle changes due to brain injury. I sought assistance to help with moral support and volunteer services to aid with functioning day-to-day while in Cancer treatment. Throughout this process, I could see that adjusting to life with brain injury helped me cope better with my cancer diagnosis. Cancer treatment gave me the strength to let go and try to live my best life despite having a brain injury.

I worked with Managed Care Nurses, Social Workers, Oncology Therapy, and Brain Injury Specialists who offered an abundance of support and information on local, state and national resources. It was the kind of support I needed but was not equipped to find on my own. I promised myself that if I made it through cancer treatment successfully, I would do my best to help close care gaps in the region by sharing helpful information, connecting people in thoughtful ways and provide support by caring peers and community organizations.  

With the help of my two kids, family, friends, and encouragement from the TBI community, Valley Disability Support Group became a reality. Here, disability support means it is cross disability, inclusive and we care for each other as we would family. Raising awareness, helping others cope and advocate for themselves is my personal commitment to service in our community.


Come join our support group and local events. Make lasting friendships. Tell your family and friends about us. We'd love to have you.

Best Wishes,

Victoria Newman

Victoria Newman, PHD

Founder, Valley Disability Support Group

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