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What We Do



Valley Disability Support Group of Northern Virginia is a free peer-to-peer support network and resource serving the Northern Virginia Area and extends to Northwestern Virginia communities of Winchester, Warren/Page Co and Clarke Co. We do not receive or offer funding, but through cooperation as volunteer community partners, we believe that we can facilitate progress in identified areas of need for people cross disabilities with a focus on survivors of acquired brain injury due to mild/moderate brain injury and stroke. 


To promote equal access, inclusion, self-advocacy, individual advocacy and systems advocacy to empower individuals with a brain injury / stroke navigate and cope with day-to-day issues that affect them and those who support them.

Provide information sessions, an online resource and open channels of communication with local, state and national service organizations, patient and disability advocate groups as a means to close service gaps in the community. 

Peer Mentors Support

  • Individuals new to navigating disability, trauma and chronic illness

  • Individuals diagnosed with acquired brain injury including stroke 

  • Caregivers supporting loved ones with a disability

B.I.G Empowerment and Advocacy Support Group

Peer mentors are dedicated to stepping up efforts to help others cope with day-to-day challenges and overcome obstacles. Support Groups like B.I.G assist in the healing process so it is still possible to continue the journey to wellness emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We consider the whole person and strive to provide a nurturing environment that is positive, productive and free of judgement. We meet each other with respect and understanding as we learn from one another, develop new friendships and prepare for the next chapter of our lives.


Self-Advocacy Peer Support

Peer Mentors have strengths in these areas:

  • ADA Compliance 

  • Healthcare/Medicare, Medicaid, Private

  • Patients' rights (fair & equal treatment)

  • Individuals new to disability

  • Social Security

  • Guardianship

  • Medicaid Waivers

  • Access/Inclusion

  • Patient Advocacy

  • Education planning (IEP/ISP)

  • Support for Parents of Disabled Children

  • Support/Caregiver Support

  • Family Life/Parenting

  • Home Health Care

  • Care Facility Concerns/Abuse

  • Writing Correspondence / Grievance Filing

    • Local municipalities, state and federal legislators, government officials and organizations


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