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B.I.G Empowerment and Advocacy Support Group

Improve Your Community |  Address Top Issues in Brain Injury  |  Share Your Story  | 

B.I.G stands for Brain Injury Group. Created by brain injury survivors from Northern Virginia and Northwest Piedmont region this group discusses treatment gaps, shared psychosocial challenges living with acquired brain injury. Learn self-advocacy and systems advocacy while connecting with others with similar shared experience with brain injury.


Group participants are in different stages of rehabilitation therapy and learn a lot from the shared experience of other members. The common thread is that each member is committed to learning strategies to evolve their care and become "thrivers" not just "survivors" of brain injury.

Some topics include:

- Challenges with executive function / attention concentration issues / neuro fatigue / vestibular, visual and audio processing dysfunction /Aphasia

- How living with a brain injury causes isolation and how to cope with impacts to family life and personal relationships

- How to address care gaps

  •       Help finding the right care team 

  •       Help navigating healthcare system and social entitlement programs

- How to remain relevant following permanent disability due to brain injury

- Housing and transportation

- Social Justice Advocacy

Come Join Us

BIG Empowerment & Advocacy Meeting

Every Wednesday 3:30pm - 4:30pm (Zoom)

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